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Solent Stevedores provides the first choice for import handling and temperature controlled quayside storage of fresh produce for distribution across the UK. Our temperature controlled holding facility at the Canary Island Terminal in Southampton covers 14,500 sq.m divided into three separate chambers - capable of handling a variety of temperatures and products.

ABP’s £8.3M investment in upgrading the terminal has expanded the cool store’s temperature range and chilled storage capacity, giving Solent Stevedores the opportunity to handle a wider variety of chilled fruits and other high-value products all year round in Southampton.

The main storage areas of the building feature energy-efficient lights, rapid-action doors, multiple storage compartments, an energy efficient cooling system that can operate at different temperatures in different parts of the building and an integrated packhouse facility to support a team of specialist fruit packers.

Based alongside deep water at the Port of Southampton, served by two state-of-the-art Model 2 Gottwald Harbour Mobile Cranes, we operate in a key strategic position for international shipping and enjoy excellent road and rail distribution links to the rest of the UK.

fresh produce unloading port of southampton fruit terminal


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