Photo Gallery - Cargo Handling

Unloading bulk cargo from Western Santiago at the Port of Southampton

western santiago at the port of southampton


unloading cargo at the Port of Southampton


bulk storage at the Port of Southampton


Loading Wood Chip at the Port of Southampton

wood chip loading southampton


wood chip handling


loading wood chip


Cable Reels Project Cargo - Port of Southampton

cable reels - port of southampton


cable reel lift - southampton


cable reels project cargo


Train Heavy Lift - Port of Southampton

train heavy lift


heavy lift project cargo


lifting heavy cargo - port of southampton


Sunseeker Lifts at the Port of Southampton

sunseeker yacht lift


sunseeker yacht lift




Stockpiling at Silvertown, London

stockpiling actvity silvertown london


Cargo handling - silvertown london





Unloading bagged bulk cargo


Unloading dry bulk cargo


Unloading palletised wood cargo

palletised bagged soil

Palletised bagged soil at the quayside

Bagged soil fork lift

Bagged soil fork lift

Tarmac Stevedores Unloading

Tarmac unloading - Southampton

Organising Scrap

Recycled metal storage at the quayside


Unloading Salt

Loading Sand

Unloading Sand

Wood Chip Concrete

Preparing the wood chip storage area

Connex buses Jersey

Connex buses Jersey

T&L Mi tusbishi

T&L Mi tsubishi fork lift handling Sugar

Unleading Scrap

Loading scrap metal for export

MVNanos tugs position vessel

Tugs position MV Nanos

New Gottwald

Gottwald mobile Harbour Crane

Loading Cargo Eldborg

Loading Cargo Eldborg

Unloading Dirt

Unloading Dirt

Wood chip site

Wood Chip storage area