June 2013

Ship to Shore Crane Stretcher Rescue London

On 21st May 2013 whilst berthing the Mv Genco Bay alongside the Raw Sugar Jetty at Tate and Lyle, London, the Pilot called a medical emergency and asked for shore side emergency response as the Captain of the ship was having a suspected heart attack. Emergency services were called and Solent Stevedores staff put on standby. Once the emergency services were on board ship and had assessed the Captain they called for a stretcher lift. Our staff swung into action under the direction of Supervisor Will McGeoghan, who was ship side and in radio contact with his crane driver and shore side staff. Solent Stevedores train their staff to deal with medical emergencies, and every six months they undertake a training exercise to make a stretcher rescue from a ship. The exercise rehearses the following steps: the Supervisor makes sure the area on the jetty is secure and free from unnecessary personnel, he then asks jetty staff to hook up the stretcher to the crane grab. Once this is achieved the crane driver is instructed to lift and is directed to the casualty, where two Solent staff on board ship take the steady ropes for the stretcher. The emergency services personnel then place and secure the casualty in the stretcher. Once the casualty is secured the Solent Stevedores supervisor takes control of the lift through his crane driver, ship side and shore side staff. The casualty is then taken ashore where the emergency services take over. The management of Tate & Lyle and the emergency services were extremely impressed by the professional approach taken by our staff, whilst dealing with this emergency and the very smooth and efficient way that the stretcher lift was executed. To show their appreciation Tate & Lyle presented a gift voucher to all staff concerned.


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