January 2013

Solent Stevedores discharges 1,000 tonnes of cable reels.

Until relatively recently the export of cable and cable reels through the Port of Southampton was a regular event as the port was home to three cable ship operations.

CableThrough changing trade patterns none of these facilities remain, so it was with some nostalgia that Solent Stevedores staff discharged 45 cable reels from the MV ‘Westvoorne’ in July, weighing approximately 1,000 tonnes in total.

After a succession of very unseasonally wet days, the weather improved for the operation and all the cable reels were either despatched to waiting vehicles for the journey to Bracknell, Berkshire, or loaded onto trailers for the short inter dock journey to the adjacent Pentalver Transport yard.

At the end of the operation Solent Stevedores were thanked by representatives of Denholm-Wilhelmsen on behalf of the Ship owners and FCl Logistics, on behalf of the receivers, for a job well done.


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