January 2014

Solent Stevedores wins twice-weekly produce cargo contract

It was announced in November 2013 that Solent Stevedores secured the Canary Island Fruit Contract.

fresh produce cargo handling - port of southamptonThe Canary Island Produce trade has been running into Southampton for the past 22 years. The produce which includes tomatoes and cucumbers arrives from Tenerife and Las Palmas on vessels twice weekly between November and May.

The temperature holding facility at the Canary Island Terminal in Southampton covers 14,500 square metres divided into three separate chambers - capable of handling a variety of temperatures and products. The Terminal is situated at 103-104 berths with a quay length of 340 metres available and a draft of 10.2 metres at low water.

Since assuming responsibility for operating the Terminal, Solent Stevedores has commenced a training programme tailored to the terminal and its trade, which will create a more flexible work force and improve the level of service that it can deliver.


Manuel Kadi the UK representative for the Canary Isles Federation commented;

"Solent Stevedores has had to deal with a variety of challenges, since taking over responsibility for operating the Terminal, some new to the operation. However the experience, skill and commitment of the labour force handling the palletized fruit has proved invaluable to achieve a very fast and safe discharge operation, making sure the ships sailed on time."


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