Solent Stevedores 100k telestacker saves time and improves safety at Silvertown, London

JUN 2016

40ft containers are loaded with raw sugar using Solent Stevedores' recently purchased £100k telestacker

The telestacker has assisted our team to maximize stockpiling opportunities for Tate & Lyle Sugars at their facility on the River Thames in London.

The containers - destined for Sweden at extremely short notice, were fitted with tarpaulin covers that are usually required to be removed by hand using a cherry picker and ladders. By using the telestacker, the tarpaulins were not required to be removed, estimated to save Solent Stevedores at least an hour and a half on loading time.

Using the telestacker not only saves time but reduces the risks associated with personnel having to climb ladders and manually remove tarpaulins.

From start to finish, both containers were fully loaded with 25mt of Raw Sugar in less than an hour.

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