Retirement of three long standing staff from the Cruise division

JAN 2015

On 30th January 2015 staff at our Southampton office gathered to say goodbye to 3 members of staff from our Cruise Division, who had between them achieved an incredible 138 years of service in the Port of Southampton.

Mick Patterson, Alan Randell, and Dave Wilson, all started working together in the Port of Southampton in 1969, meaning that each of them have achieved an outstanding 46 years of service at the Port. Over the years they have worked on a huge variety of different projects, and have seen a huge amount of change in the Port, which is a very different place today.

cruise division retirements jan 15

Mick, Alan and Dave joined Solent Stevedores in 2010 when we took over the stevedoring contract with Carnival UK as General Duties or 'GD' operatives as part of our Cruise Division, a key role during cruise vessel turnaround operations that requires a high degree of skill, knowledge, and experience. As a result, they were hugely valued members of the team, both for their depth of experience and also their ability to calmly solve practically any problem they faced!

We would like to wish them all a long and happy retirement, which is very much deserved!

Congratultions to Mick, Alan and Dave on their retirement from our Cruise Division
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