Solent Stevedores expands operations into France

FEB 2021

Solent Stevedores, a UK leading port terminal operator, has expanded operations to Saint-Malo in France with the creation of subsidiary company Saint-Malo Stevedores.

The company, currently leading stevedoring operations in 13 port locations, has committed to invest €1million in new equipment at the Port of Saint-Malo having also secured a €200,000 grant from the Brittany region. The investment includes the purchase of new tugs for RoRo operations, forklifts and a loading shovel.

The operations undertaken by 14 Dockers and a two-strong management team will see up to 200,000 tonnes of dry bulk and break bulk cargo pass through the port each year and in excess of 500,000 passengers.

Hans Uiterdijk, Director of Saint-Malo Stevedores, said:

"We have a real opportunity to develop operations beyond the current cargo traffic that we’re seeing and we hope that with the experience brought into the port from Solent Stevedores, we could potentially create some synergies to import cargo from the UK."

Solent Stevedores is a first-choice terminal operator with expertise in rail, cruise stevedoring, fresh produce and bulk cargo.

solent stevedores expands operations to st malo france

"We’re very excited to be expanding to Saint-Malo and we’re looking forward to a positive and progressive future in France. We’re proud to be here and grateful for the welcoming support we’ve received from our own Dockers, the Brittany Region, Edéis and all the Port of Saint Malo customers"

Stuart Cullen, Founder of Solent Stevedores

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